Virtual ICAEW Midlands: Alternative Finance | What are the debt and equity finance options in the Midlands? | 26 June 2024

26th June 2024 12:30 to 13:30 Free


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The British Business Bank is 100% government-owned but independently managed. The Bank combines expertise and capital to support the smaller business finance markets. Its mission is to drive sustainable growth and prosperity across the UK and facilitate the transition to a net-zero economy by improving access to finance for smaller businesses.

Between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023, the Bank continued to deploy the vast majority of its finance in its core schemes outside of the largest UK banks, surpassing the set target. According to their Annual Report and Accounts 2023, 99% of the Bank’s finance was provided outside the 'Big Five' banks.

Tracy Sherratt and Lewis Stringer, Senior Managers in the British Business Bank’s UK Network Team covering the West Midlands and East and South-East Midlands respectively, will co-host this session and outline the various funding programs delivered by the Bank and its role in raising awareness of the finance options available across the Midlands.

26 June 2024: Debt finance

In this session, the focus is on debt funding providers, such as Start Up Loans, Responsible Finance (CDFI) funders, alternative lenders, and asset finance providers, operating in the Midlands.

We’re pleased to welcome:

  • Danielle Davis | Deputy Director | First Enterprise – Enterprise Loans
  • Jonathan Lowe | Partner, Regional Debt Funds | Maven Capital Partners UK LLP
  • Helen Lumb | Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer | Shire Leasing plc

This session will explore finance options for growth, such as cash flow lending and asset finance, angel, and equity investment. These options are crucial for any business aiming to scale up and maintain a competitive edge. However, smaller businesses often struggle to secure the right type of financing they need.

That's why it's essential to explore all available options and collaborate with finance providers who understand a business’ unique needs, enabling them to access the financing that's right for them, regardless of their location or profile.

If you’re a smaller business or working with businesses in the region, discover the types of finance these providers offer and how they can support you. We’ll also discuss current issues in the Midlands’ finance market. The session will conclude with a Q&A and an opportunity for discussion with the audience, providing valuable insights to ICAEW’s senior leadership team.

This event is free.

Location: Virtual


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