Progressing to a Net Zero Business through Transport


In Summary

20th October 2021 | 10:00 to 11:30

Improve your reputation, employee wellbeing and financial support, all whilst reducing your transport emissions.

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In Detail

Businesses we speak to cite reducing or using alternative forms of travel or investing in low-carbon vehicles as one of the main ways of reducing their emissions. They also say lack of know-how is a barrier to taking action to reduce carbon emission through changing transport.

So, how can you obtain the knowledge, guidance and understanding to decarbonise your businesses transport?

This webinar will help you gain valuable insight into decarbonising your transport through expert advice, guidance and business best practice.

Transport accounts for 36% of carbon emissions in the WMCA area (WSP, 2021). The sale of new cars and vans powered by internal combustion engines will be band by 2035, with cars by 2030. The rise of the Birmingham Clean Air Zone also offers opportunities for businesses to improving low-carbon transport uptake.

Join this webinar to learn how to take action on decarbonising your transport, reduce your environmental impact and gain a competitive edge, by:

  • Understanding what support (financial and non-financial) is available for improving your businesses low carbon transport.
  • Knowing best practice examples so you can benchmark your environmental action against leaders in transport decarbonisation to know what good looks like.
  • Obtaining expert and practical advice on decarbonising transport for business and case studies.
  • Be part of the business community making progress towards net zero, and capitalise on the business and economic benefits the transition will bring, whilst protecting future generations.


This event is free.