Email Marketing – Where to start


In Summary

20th January 2021 | 09:30 to 11:30

Glued has specifically written this workshop to encourage those just starting out on their email marketing journey.

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In Detail

Have your sales channels been limited by Covid-19? Looking for new or additional ways to engage with your customers and or prospects? Overlooked email marketing as an overused or out-moded form of marketing and communications?

Rob Harrison and David Wilson of Glued will take you through some of the key facts and figures about the effectiveness of email marketing. 

They will also cover:

  • key tips on list purchase;
  • reviews of the main platforms;
  • fitting email marketing into your sales process;
  • creating, running and monitoring campaigns.

Peppered into this learning will be interactive exercises on:

  • how to profile a target email marketing list;
  • writing engaging subject and head lines;
  • and, selecting imagery that helps you say more than the sum of the parts.

You can just attend the workshop – which includes a workbook to take away and develop your thinking.

Or you can ‘upgrade’ to workshop, workbook and post event consultation to support you in getting to your first email campaign theme OR list profile OR setting up your email platform.

This workshop is suitable for those responsible for marketing with limited or lapsed experience of email marketing.

Price: £75 (inc) or upgrade to £99 (inc) and get a one hour post event consultation.


This event costs £75.00 + VAT per delegate


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