Managing Finances when Trading Oversea


In Summary

16th September 2021 | 10:00 to 11:00

Trading internationally can expose your business to a unique set of risks when it comes to getting paid and managing your money. Discover the pitfalls to watch out for and your options when it comes to trade finance.

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In Detail

This virtual workshop from the Department for International Trade, will cover topics including:

  • Getting Paid – What are your options when it comes to payment terms when dealing with an overseas customer? Should you use payment in advance, open account, letters of credit, bills of exchange?
  • Managing Currencies – Exchange rate fluctuations can make the difference between profit and loss on a deal. What mechanisms can you put in places to minimise risk? What is the market outlook for 2021/22 and what are the key events and issues you should look out for?
  • Financing the deal: How does trade finance work? What solutions are available and when are they applicable? Top tips for obtaining finance for difficult markets and sectors.

Each section will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A session


10:00-10:05: Introduction from Patrick Mccarron - DIT West Midlands Regional Delivery Partner

10:05-10:25: Getting Paid. Speaker - Ian Fletcher, Director of Fletcher Trade Finance

10:25-10:45: Financing the Deal. Speaker - Ian Fletcher, Director of Fletcher Trade Finance

10:45-11:05: Managing Currencies, delivered by Western Union Business Solutions


This event is free.


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